5 Signs that Your Job will be a Total Nightmare

30 Nov 2020 | 5 min read

Have you ever imagined going to work only to have your confidence and energy completely sapped out, making you want to run back to your home right away? Yes, it is indeed a perfect indication that your job is a nightmare. It could be because of a negative, undercutting manager, a company in financial trouble, or many other factors.

Nevertheless, here are some clues to pay attention to during your interview process that will help you avoid heading into a nightmare job.

1. Seriously disorganized interview process.

If literally every interview is rescheduled, or your recruiters are consistently late or unprepared when they meet with you, that's a major red flag. Also take note of slow or rude email responses. If a company is that disorganized during the interview where they are basically trying to leave a good impression, imagine what will it be like when you're already working for them?

2. You have no idea what you will be doing.

Any company or even a start-up would have a clear job description for a position. Your interviewers should also be able to share details about career advancement at the company. If it is unclear what you'll be doing in the role even after asking several times, consider withdrawing your candidacy because it is just pointless. You or your manager won’t even be able to track any progress from your work.

3. People are unhappy and complaining.

It’s a good idea to look for interview reviews or comments about your company. You can ask potential peers about their company culture, but you should also keep an ear out for complaints (particularly ones you hear over and over again). Also, look around the office on your way into the interview to get a sense of the vibe. Watch out for clues indicating that morale is low and employees are unhappy.

4. High turnover of employees.

It's natural for people to move in and out of companies. Although it could be nothing, it could also indicate poor management, a company without a profitable future, or other occurring problems. So, if a company has a lot of people leaving, it is something worth checking into. One way is to inquire about your predecessor, their answer may reveal something.

5. Unfriendly and stingy negotiation process.

Everyone would want a deal but if a company offers below-market wages for no reason, that is a bad sign. Although it's just natural for candidates to seek the highest possible salary and benefits possible and for employers to offer the lowest possible amount, the amount the employer offers should still be reasonable. You should feel on the same page as a potential employer during job negotiations instead of leaving you with worries like will you ever get a raise, or will the company always be stingy?

5 Signs that Your Job will be a Total Nightmare
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