5 Ways to Deal with Job Burnout

29 Jan 2021 | 5 min read

Job burnout is a chronic psychological condition that can be triggered by a number of factors including workload, lack of control, feeling unappreciated, toxic work environment, and your work not getting along with your values. Then you start to feel exhausted, detached, cynical, and unproductive. Don't underestimate the harmful effects of burnout so here are some proven ways for you to overcome it.

1. Get off the grid.

A common sign that you need to take some time off is when you start to feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained. A two-week vacation may not always be feasible so you can plan for a long weekend instead. You need a complete and total cut-off from work so while you’re away, don't call the office or check your email. Go somewhere that is the complete opposite of work and do whatever makes you genuinely happy.

2. Learn how to say no.

If you're spending your days only responding to the requests of others and constantly saying "yes," even though you're swamped, then burnout is inevitable. Sometimes, you just simply have to say 'no.' If you don't have the time for any additional tasks or are asked to stay late or work on something that's not a part of your job description, assert yourself and politely inform them that you currently can't accept their requests.

3. Do something meaningful and interesting.

Burnout can build, leading to a pressure cooker of stress. If you don’t let off the steam you are going to explode. Perhaps not literally, but you’ll crack emotionally, have outbursts, or maybe do something that could hurt your career. Generally, physical activity is ideal for stress release. Try doing something that will pique your curiosity and spur your energy. The way you release your aggression and frustration is not important, as long as it’s not harmful to yourself or others.

4. Talk with someone.

Another way to relieve a little pressure is to share your problems, thoughts, and concerns with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being. Instead of facing burnout head-on by yourself, surround yourself with coworkers and colleagues who are also looking to make positive strides in their work lives so that everyone can draw support from one another. Remember, surrounding yourself with positive people can keep you focused, rejuvenated, and energized throughout the day.

5. Change of scenery.

Sometimes you may need to shock your system and change things up. It could be small, like moving your desk to a different section of the office or switching departments. As a last resort, if the stress is too much, you may have no other choice but to consider a new job or career path. Sometimes, it’s a choice between quitting and finding a more reasonable way to earn a living or persevering to the point of a breakdown. In that case, it’s really no choice at all. You cannot afford to become so mentally and physically ill that you end up incapacitated. So, find a way to quit.

5 Ways to Deal with Job Burnout
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