Characteristics of a High-performance​ Team

12 Nov 2019 | 3 min read

As we all are working in a team or organizations with a lot of people, it is important to improve your teamwork skills to develop your potential! 

By knowing the unique traits of the high-performance team, it would help you to be part of one! 

Talent Magnet 

To spot a strong team, look for the teams that everyone wants to be on. Some people don't want to join a team that works longer and harder and have high expectations. So, look for potential stars who want to be on teams with high standards where they can demonstrate their skills and have a real impact. E.g., Google recruit people who have passion, intelligence and a learning 

 Healthy heated debates

The heated debate does not cause a high-performance team to fragment. Instead of becoming more isolated during tough times, these teams gain strength and develop cohesion. They become to understand each other's point of view and input more of their opinions. The high-performance team contributed more equally to the team's discussion rather than letting one or two people dominate the group.


Diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth. Most engaged team's welcome diversity of age, gender, and race, while disengaged teams may be the opposite. They usually put the team together with enthusiastic members from different backgrounds, gender, and strengths. By having diversity in the team, they can learn from people who have different perspectives and opinions on certain issues.

They Focus on goals / change the word ‘focus’ to smaller caps

A high-performance team can keep the larger goal in view. Members are consistently able to put what is best for the organization ahead of their desires. They seek out evidence and try to remain as objective as possible. Once a decision is made, these teams are remarkably quickly to rally around it.

Do their best every day

The most powerful unique traits in High-performance team is the belief that they are doing their best every day. They help each other's to define their strengths and give tasks accordingly. 

The high-performance team have great Work-life balance 

Most successful teams have members who are highly engaged in their work and highly satisfied with their personal lives. As hard as they work for the company, they bring the same level of energy and intensity to their family and social life 

Characteristics of a High-performance​ Team