Deloitte Application Process

28 Sep 2020 | 5 min read

As a big four company, Deloitte gets hundreds upon thousands of applications every year. Thus, in order to cull applicants, the application process is pretty long and complex. Below will be a description of each of the stages – just so that you can be more prepared for your next application process. This is not an exhaustive list – your role and service line you apply for can make this vary.

1.      Initial screening: The initial step is application - where you enter your resume, CV and cover letter, as well as your personal details. This is just a basic step that most companies require. Within 7 days of your application, you will receive an email as to whether you have been accepted, and if you are, will be sent a link to the Psychometric testing stage.

2.      Psychometric testing: The next step is a game simulation that tests your problem-solving response time and decision making speed, as well as your ability to think critically. You will be presented with a mock role with tasks for you to complete, and will be presented with various problem solving “games”. While it is difficult to prepare for this, remember to read the instructions of each game carefully and understand the rules. Don’t hurry, learn from what you did in the previous game, and try to improve your score for each round you play.

3.      Phone interview: Usually within 7 days of the Psychometric testing you will receive a phone call. Prepare for this interview just like any of your other interviews. They will ask you about Deloitte and the service line you applied for, so make sure to be prepared for those sorts of questions.

4.      Assessment centre: You will receive an email informing you of your outcome of the phone interview. Once you have made it to the assessment centre stage, it is important to really start researching about the service line you applied for. You will be put into groups (however due to COVID this may be replaced by just a singular person interview). For instance, you could be asked on the latest business trends and how that influences your service line, global events and policies. Or, you may be asked to develop different strategies to an example of a case study that you are given e.g. strategizing for a tech start-up.

5.      Partner interview: Congrats, you’ve made it to the Partner interview stage. You will be interviewed by a partner from your service line. While this is the final step, this interview will actually just be to build rapport and determine whether you would fit into the team, since your technical skills would have been already tested earlier. Be yourself and be confident when answering questions.

Deloitte Application Process
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