How decluttering your work desk can benefit you

9 Nov 2019 | 3 min read

Feeling unproductive and unmotivated at work? Is it hard to find that single document you need that is buried under a sea of other paper?

Having clutter on your workdesk can prove to have a detrimental effect on your overall productivity and performance as an employee. The ways to spruce up your workspace to increase your motivation and work rate and the benefits include:

Identify the necessities and toss away the redundant objects

The first step to declutter your workspace is to start with the necessities. Identify the items you use routinely and keep those items in close proximity so you can get them with ease. Everything else should go into the trash, a drawer or some other space on your desk. This first step will keep you organised and focused on the task at hand.

Have lunch away from your table

Become a more productive employee by decluttering your desk of unnecessary cutlery, storage containers and food. Rather, take your lunch outside and eat with some co-workers. Go to the break room and enjoy your lunch. Go anywhere to eat your lunch except your work cubicle.

Taking a break during the day is a necessary energy-recharger for employees. Research shows that employees who take a break away from their desks come back reinvigorated with more creativity for the tasks at hand. You’ll free your desk from unavailing food clutter and renew your mind for the rest of the work day.

Regular cleaning of the table

Give your desk a good clean after you’ve followed the previous tips. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe away dirt and spills. Clean your keyboard with an air gun specially made for keyboards and wipe your computer monitor with a screen cleaner and cloth. Dust, empty your trash can and, if you have the time, vacuum your computer chair. 

Your workspace is where you conduct your work and come up with ideas. Therefore, it is vital to keep that space clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter that do not provide you any source of functionality or creativity.

How decluttering your work desk can benefit you
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