How to create a stress-free work environment

8 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

1) Create Social Activities:

Employees spend a lot of time together and the more comfortable they are, the less stressed they will feel.  As colleagues spend more time socially together, expectations and communication barriers are broken down, greasing the wheels for easier future interactions.

2) Offer flexible work environments:

If you are the manager, allow your team members autonomy by not monitoring them often, so long as their work is completed by specific deadlines. Remember that salary is not everything. Additionally, allow working outside the office every fortnight so employees can have a change of environment.

3) Encourage your body to move:

The mind needs a break occasionally.  Encourage yourself to take time from your day to exercise at the gym, walk to work, meeting place or try to visit a yoga class. The mind will have greater focus and clarity of thought. Physical activities such as running or yoga are great ways for you to learn how to de-stress from work.


4) Revamp the habitat:

A lot of stress comes from your work environment. Think about every aspect of your work space and what it does and does not do for your wellness. Simple things like the quality of the coffee or the height of the cubicle walls can positively or negatively affect your focus. 

Update your office table with an upbeat color scheme, additional plants, or some photos. If you have the space, think about adding a ping pong or foosball table to allow employees to take their mind off of their stress for a few minutes. Any changes that increase employee enjoyment will leave them feeling rejuvenated. 


5) Recognize achievements:


Everyone loves being praised for their success which results in a serious engagement boost. Everyone has a different personality, so be mindful when considering how and when to recognize. Some people appreciate a call-out during a meeting or praise in a company-wide email, while more reserved types might prefer a card on their desk or a thank you in person. This makes them happier and more comfortable, in turn, lowering stress levels.

How to create a stress-free work environment
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