How to Follow Up on Job Applications

5 Mar 2020 | 3 min read

Many people know the feeling of applying for a job, spending hours perfecting their applications and hoping for the best, only to not hear anything back for the next week. Thankfully, not hearing back immediately does not mean that you are automatically disqualified. You can still follow up on your first application to remind the company of your application and reinforce your interest. However, there are certain tips that will help you boost your chances of being noticed again and certain ways you can choose to follow up.

Read over the job advertisement again

Rereading the job advertisement will allow you to see any new points that you can bring up during your follow up that you had not put down in your initial application. Additionally, it is a good idea to check over the job advertisement to see if it lists the closing application date. If it does, then make sure you follow up after the day has closed.

Don’t be impatient

Always allow a time frame of one to two weeks before following up. On one hand, you need to give enough time for recruiters to look over the applications, but simultaneously, you also do not want the recruiters to forget about you. Following up too early may give the recruiters the impression that you are pushy and impatient, but then following up too late may mean that recruiters have already settled on someone other than you. So a general rule of thumb is about one to two weeks after closing application date.

Following up through Messages

Following up through messages comes in two common forms, email or LinkedIn. If you are following up via one of these two platforms, then you can send a polite email restating your interest in the position, what you can offer to the company and that you would be willing to go to an interview for the company to understand you better. The advantage with using LinkedIn however, is that the recruiter would have easy access to your profile and that they can also easily see whether or not you already have any mutual connections. All of which will help boost your chances of advancing forward.

Following up via phone

If you are choosing to follow up via a phone call, then make sure you firstly introduce yourself as the hiring manager will probably not know who you are. Then mention the job title you applied for, reasons why you are fit for the role, a final thank you and a request for the recruiter to call you back for additional information (remember to give your phone number or an email address).

Following up in person

Out of all of the forms of following up, doing it in person would be the most involved process. However, it can also be the one that leaves the best impression on hiring managers. To follow up in person, make sure to dress appropriately, have your resume and cover letter in hand, and act professionally. All of this effort can easily pay off if you do it right. However, do not reach out to a person if you submitted your job application online, as hiring managers would not expect to see you.

How to Follow Up on Job Applications
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