Impressive questions that will earn you a “Well Done!” in your job interview

8 Sep 2020 | 5 min read

1. “What does a typical day in the job look like?”

You might find out that the part of the job that you were most excited about actually only comes up every six months. Barring major insights like that, the answer to this question can just help you better visualize what it will be like to be in the job on day one.

Tip: Some interviewers will respond to this question with, “Oh, every day is different.” If that happens, try asking, “Can you tell me what the last month looked like for the person in the job currently? What took up most of their time?”

2) “Are there opportunities for professional development? If so, what do those look like?”

When asking this kind of question, technically, you’re looking for information surrounding opportunities for growth and whether the company has a learning and development program. Stagnation is a big red flag.

3) “What is a challenge you’re currently facing with the role?”

This question takes the discussion in a fresh direction, but beyond that, it gives insight into the interviewer’s pain point. Use this information when crafting your Thank You note (by tossing out an idea or two), and impress them with your problem-solving and creative thinking.

Your days of asking questions won’t be over once you land the job. You’ll have a slew of new ones as you begin your new position. So, carry this approach through and realize questions can do a lot more than help you find answers on how to do things. If you continue to use them to build rapport and show off your thoughtfulness, you’ll be on your way to building strong relationships in your new role.

4) Does my role involve any training? And how is my performance measured?

Asking this question shows you’re interested in developing yourself to succeed in your role, which will impress the interviewer. It also allows you to see the flexibility in the role such as if you are required to go to training sessions every so often and if there is training required such as a health and safety course. It allows you to be one step ahead and gives you an idea on what the company requires. The interviewer will give you a thorough or brief outline on this question depending on if they send you on any training/ courses as each company is different. 

5) What are the next steps in the process? When will I most likely hear from you?

Make sure to leave this question last as it will round up all the questions you need to ask nicely. It’s also a good question to ask because there’s no hiding that some employers will take a while getting back to you, so asking this will give you a rough idea of when you should expect to hear back by. Not only this, but the interviewer may be conducting second interviews so it gives you time to prepare for this if you are selected.

Impressive questions that will earn you a “Well Done!” in your job interview