Jobseeker's anxiety Tips to reduce stress during a crisis

7 May 2020 | 5 min read

With the Coronavirus pandemic happening around the world, job hunting can become more overwhelming. Anxiety not only affects our mental health but also weakens our immune system. Whether you just lost your jobs or you are looking for one, it is very stressful especially at this time. But take a deep breath and relax, there are many ways you can do to reduce stress.

1.Understand why you are stress

The best way to defeat anxiety is to find out and eliminate the cause of it. Addressing your triggers, whether it's because of not many jobs available or it has been a while since you heard back from your interviews. The next step is to find a solution to solve and improve the cause of your problem. For instance, you are worried that you haven't heard back from your employees, try to reach out to them or look at their latest announcements. 

2.Make a plan

If you are organised and keep everything on track, you will be less worried. Make your schedule and stick to it. You can also set some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track your performance. Ensuring that your goals and KPIs are realistic and achievable for your situation. If your goal is too high, you will likely be discouraged and stressed. For example, some KPIs can be:

  • Hours of job search you can do every day
  • Hours of online classes you take to boost your education each day

3.Take a break

It only makes it more exhausting when you spend all of your time on job hunting. Even if looking for a job is your main goal right now. If you are feeling burnout, take a break and do something you like to keep your mind off the job search. Exercise is a great way to produce serotonin- the happy hormone and kicks start your motivation.

4.Talk to someone

Getting support from someone is a great way to reduce stress. Your friends/family can also provide a different perspective on your problem or new solutions that you haven't thought of. No matter how hard the situation is, having someone with you will always help to get through the tough parts.

5. Look at the bright side 

While the pandemic brings no good to anyone, take this free time for yourself and improve your qualifications. Take some online classes or read a book and let out all of those negative thoughts. Before you know it, when everything gets back to normal you may wish you had enjoyed your free time a bit more. 

Remember that, if you try your best, things will work out. Meanwhile, be patient and stay safe!


Jobseeker's anxiety: Tips to reduce stress during a crisis
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