Keys to communicate successfully and effectively

27 Oct 2019 | 3 min read

Effective communication is not something we are immediately born with, but a skill that requires cultivation, nurturing and hours of practice. Below are some aspects and skills to work on in order to increase your communication skills both in a professional and personal capacity:

Know your message

Effective communication does not simply start from the first word you say, but rather the preparation done prior to it. It is important that you as the speaker have a clear and thorough understanding of what you want to say and how you are going to say it. To make sure you are readily prepared for seamless communication whether for a presentation or chatting with your colleagues, it is significant that you know what you want to say before it leaves your mouth. 

Make sure you are understood

After having known what you would like to say, state your message clearly and simply so to increase your chances of being understood. Use simple, everyday English to convey your message across. Technical jargon and lingo might sound fancy and make you seem more intellectually proficient, but depending on the knowledge base of your audience, if they do not understand what you are saying then your words become redundant to them. Instead, opt for words that many people use and use that to explain both simple and convoluted ideas.

Be clear and succinct

No one likes to listen to a person to drones continually without taking a break, and our attention spans are easily to break given the amount of distractions around us. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that what you communicate is able to be easily absorbed audience and one way to do this is to make what you say clear and succinct. Condense as much as you can into sentences that provide just as much as a punch and take care to not overwhelm your audience with a flurry of information.

Be a listener 

When it comes to good communication, it is better for the speaker to first listen to their partner and understand their perspective, then after having an understanding of their point of view, you are able to thoughtfully share your ideas and opinions without interrupting anybody.

Ask questions

Don’t just be content with speaking what you want and leaving the conversation, ask questions! This is a testament of your active listening to whom you’re speaking with, and also highlights you interest in the topic. Asking open-ended questions or requesting clarification is always appreciated as it demonstrates your level of engagement.

Be positive.

A cheerful and energetic attitude is always appreciated due to its infectious nature that not only makes yourself and others around you happier, but it can boost company morale as a whole too. Positivity can empower you and affect aspects of your personality, creativity and health - all of which are important when trying to initiate successful communication.

Keys to communicate successfully and effectively
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