Powerful ways to empower your employees

25 Oct 2019 | 3 min read

If you manage other people and you are the leader or manager? The first thing you need to remember is that your success depends on their success. 

The more you empower your employees, the more they will grow and thrive. 

So here are 8 specific ways to do it! 

Believe in your employees 

The best managers get outstanding performance from ordinary human beings. If you wait for a team of superstars, you will be waiting forever. So try to discover what each person does best. Find better ways for people to support each other. Bring people together to support and encourage each other. Then believe 100% in these partnerships and collaborations.

Ask powerful questions 

Instead of making rash demands or constantly telling employees how to do something, try talking less and observing more. Then, when you start to understand what's happening, express your observation in the form of a powerful question. And ask questions that provoke their creative mind and critical thinking to solve the business problem. 

Encourage two-way communication 

Another mistake that many business leaders make is not allowing for open, timely dialogue that travels up and down the organization.

Communication often comes only from the top down, leaving lower-level employees powerless to influence their work environment. Establishing better communication practices can help your employees feel empowered to grow and contribute to the big picture.

Have a clear vision 

As a boss and a leader, it's your job to get everyone on the same page. People that do not know what they are supposed to be doing won't be able to accomplish their jobs very well at all. 

Clearly define the roles of your staff so they know their duties and don't step on each other's toes.

Encourage self-improvement 

When your employees learn new skills it's better for the company as a whole. Some companies will even support continued education or classes outside of the workplace that enhances personal growth.

If you can't support your employees through financial support, at least be flexible with their schedules to a certain degree. Allowing your salesperson or HR representative to leave half an hour early every Thursday for community orchestra practice can do wonders for their well-being and work ethic. 

Don't avoid small talk 

Make a habit of sitting down with your employees and engaging in a one-on-one conversation. You can have these talks in your office, in the break room or at a coffee shop down the street. Intentionally ask about their work progress, such as accomplishments or even complaints, but also make an effort to get to know your staff on a personal level.

Give constructive feedback 

When debriefing on a project, be thoughtful and specific about the feedback you provide. Telling someone they did a "good job" doesn't give them any direction for what to continue doing in the future. Be specific about the actions or attitudes you'd like to see repeated and the impact it had on others.

Keep your employees accountable

While it may seem contrary to empowerment, consistently holding your employees accountable for their responsibilities will empower them to take genuine ownership of their work.

Depending on your workforce's circumstances, this could mean administering consequences, praising them for work well done, or providing incentives for improvement.

When people take ownership of their work, they are more likely to put in extra effort and feel pride in the success they achieve.

Powerful ways to empower your employees
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