7 Nov 2019 | 3 min read

Procrastination can be caused by many reasons like laziness, external stress, being overwhelmed and lack of motivation but is not limited to those causes because it is a very complex behavior!

And if you are sick of those unhealthy habits! (This line kind of labels everything above including external stress as an unhealthy habit) Here are few tips to fight them back!

Procrastination is the source of many failed goals and the greatest enemy of your progress at school, work and life in general. There are a number of reasons for procrastinating and these include, but are not limited to: laziness, external stress, being overwhelmed and lack of motivation.

Just like a most habits, procrastination can be defeated and here are a few tips on how u can beat procrastination.

Just start with it! 

Don't let your mind wander with the second thought and just start doing it! Dedicate the first 30 minutes to do the first task without any distraction or interruption. If you can fulfill this first task, it would be easier to continue other tasks and when you notice, you will finish everything on your to-do-list.

Make a date for the important task! 

To make you easier to start the work, try to define the work session. Instead of setting vague goals that you push back without a thought, start scheduling the important tasks that can't be negotiated!

Practice self-awareness: 

Try to acknowledge the process of procrastination, it may involve with either difficulty in starting a task or difficulty in staying focused on a task! But either way, you will become locked into a similar pattern of rationalization, starting with the stress and ending in the temporary relief of that stress which reinforces the behavior of procrastination again.

Eliminate distractions: 

This is the tip that would be hard for many people because these days, we are glued to our mobile devices, social media platforms and entertainment like Netflix, YouTube! So, these have become an excuse for procrastination and main distractions. But, instead of resisting the temptation, just eliminate those distractions, put your devices in another room or somewhere you cannot see, block the websites that would disrupt you from doing your work.

 There is no perfection!

We all have time in our life when we have a big and important project and get so intimidated by it that you don't want to begin because you want it to be perfect. But just let go of the idea of doing every perfect and start it anyway, write anything that comes into your mind! Just remember that any work accomplished is better than no work at all!