Should I Build a Personal Website to Land a Job?

3 Jun 2020 | 5 min read

As discussed in other articles, building a solid personal branding is very important especially if you are a job seeker. Never consider anything else besides your traditional resume? There is nothing wrong with sending a regular resume, but owning a personal website can really be a career changer and help you stand out from other competitors. Here are the top reasons why you should:

  • You have control over your personal branding

Consider your website is your online real estate, you get total control and freedom over it. A regular resume condenses your expertise and skills into a few bullet points. But with a personal website, your brand is always flowing and evolving, every single element of your site portrays who you are as an individual and a professional. This is hugely beneficial especially if you are seeking a career in a creative, tech-savvy industry such as marketing or design.

  • It’s your portfolio 

A personal website gives you the leverage of showcasing your works and portfolio. You can showcase your skills, rather than “tell”. For example, if you claim you have the technical skill of “ Photoshop” in your resume, the recruiter can go to your website and see your portfolio. 

  • You give your recruiter a direction to your brand

Research has found that 40% of recruiters looked at your online presence as a part of their hiring process. Now let’s think about this: your social media (Facebook, Linkedln) and your website, which one will get a better impression of your skills and showcase who you are? By putting your website URL on the resume, you can direct the recruiters to what you want them to see.

  • You can expand your professional network

Having a website allows people to reach you and expands your networking. You can build a community and connect with like-minded people and professionals to seek feedback and insights. You may even find some job opportunities through your connection.

Should I Build a Personal Website to Land a Job?
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