Stopping procrastination

27 Sep 2020 | 5 min read

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles for students, and it can get in the way of achieving your goals, finishing your work and cause mental stress. While it is one of the habits that is the most hard to deal with, it is crucial for you to get rid of this roadblock to your success. Thus, EBR has gathered some tips to help you overcome the nasty habit of procrastination.

1.      Create timeline/schedule: Creating a timeline and schedule could help you clear up your mind and give you motivation to do work. Planning out and writing out each task to do in an Excel sheet (you can find templates like this online) is a great way to start the path of overcoming procrastination. A lot of the time, procrastination stems from the fact that you have too many deadlines coming up, and you feel overwhelmed and suffocated, thus making you unable to know which tasks you should prioritise and start. Get rid of this by organising your mind.

2.      Clear up your mind: Stress can be a big factor of procrastination. One way you can alleviate this is to practice mindfulness, which helps you sooth your mind and gain energy to work. Apps such as Insight Timer, can help you achieve this, and soon you should be feeling more ready to work. Remember to take care of yourself.

3.      Remove all distractions: One of the biggest distractions is your social media platforms. Who hasn’t had a sneaky peek at their Facebook during your online classes and study time? The easiest way for you to extrinsically remove the distractions is to use a website blocker, such as the Cold Turkey Blocker, to block you from visiting those websites. You can set timers to block them – for example, setting it for an hour during which you are planning to study.

4.      Set deadlines for yourself: Setting deadlines for yourself is crucial to stopping procrastination. It helps you make progress through your studies and work. If you have a deadline, you are more likely to complete your tasks to fulfil the deadline. Use calendar apps that are readily available on your laptop, such as Google Calendar.

Thus, with these four handy tips and tricks, EBR hopes that you can reach your goals by reducing and eliminating the time that you tend to procrastinate during the day.

Stopping procrastination