Tips for managing remote teams

13 May 2020 | 5 min read

Due to the growth of Covid-19, remote working has become more than a trend

and is forecasted to continually grow up to the end of 2021 (Source: Global

Workplace Analysis 2020). While there are many benefits of integrating this

current working trend into the company culture, it can be challenging for most

managers to ensure the team functions at its full potential. Here are a few tips to

manage remote teams effectively:

1. Communicate effectively

Managing a work-from-home team may not be easy; it can be difficult for

employers to manage the team effectively without face-to-face interaction.

Therefore, managers should incorporate different virtual communication tools

into practice. Using virtual meeting software such as Zoom or Google Hangouts is

a simple way to communicate and keep your team engaged. You can host regular

check-in’s combined with video-based coaching to make sure everyone is on

track and provide as much supports to the team as possible. Ensure you collect

feedback and provide any resources your team members may need. By this way,

not only you are building trust for your team, but also maintaining the

productivity of the company.

2. Set clear expectations

It’s very important that you clearly clarify your expectations and instructions to

your team. This means defining the goal, deadlines and key performance

indicators for each task, to make sure everyone is working effectively. The more

prepared your team is, the better and more productive they’ll be in their jobs.

3. Focus on outcomes

Be mindful that everyone has different schedules and environments when

working from home. Therefore, allowing everyone to be flexible and focus more

on the outcome of their work.

4. Be responsive

Treat your remote team as they are local! Try to respond to your team as fast as

possible. Building a responsive and supportive community is the key to creating

an effective remote workforce. By being available to provide your team guidance

and emotional support, you are creating a stronger bond and develop a happy

work culture.

Final thoughts

Covid-19 has impacted businesses in many ways. Therefore, it’s essential that

companies can adapt to new challenges and manage remote work effectively. It

may take a little extra time to adapt, but it’s possible to stay productive when

working from home.

Tips for managing remote teams
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