Tips To Answering Interview Questions What Are Your Career Goals

17 Jun 2020 | 5 min read

No matter what the role you are interviewing for, the question about your future career goal is bound to arise. This question is not just only to know about your ambition, but also to understand if you are capable of identifying steps toward reaching them.

Here are our top tips to answer this question:

The DO’S:

  • Align your goal with the position you applied for:

You want to tailor your goal that is relevant to the job you are interviewing with. Pay particular attention to how the role will help you to grow and reach your goal. 

Also, don’t forget to illustrate what you could contribute to the company and not make it all about you. 

  • Highlight past accomplishments

Keep in mind that, the best predictor of future success is from previous accomplishments. 

Take a look back at your past behaviour and illustrate your ability to achieve your next goal. This is also a great chance for you to highlight the skills you already have (remember to align them with the job requirements).

  • Go into detail

Don’t simply identify a goal; you should also clearly communicate your path to success (your steps, deadlines). Be optimistic and confident, this communicates that you have a “willingness to learn” and an “I can do it” attitude . 


  • Don’t focus too much on finance

Since you haven’t got a job yet. Your response should not be centred on your bonus, or commissions. Instead, focus on your professional goal and the benefits you will bring to the company.

  • Don’t mention a goal that is too unrealistic

Avoid mentioning a goal that may not be achievable with the company you are interviewing with. You want the company to imagine you in the role. 

  • Avoid vagueness

Share a goal that you have been thinking about and willing to share specifics about. Vague answers may make you seem like you do not have long-term determination. If you haven’t really thought about your goals, maybe now is the time to start planning them. 

Tips To Answering Interview Questions: What Are Your Career Goals
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