Tips to manage your social media when job searching

18 May 2020 | 5 min read

If you think social media is only for “friends and following your favourite celebrities”? Think again. In fact, research by Careerbuilder Survey reveals that 70% of recruiters use social media to learn more about their candidates and about 43% of employers check on their current employees using social media. 

Therefore, social media can be seen as your second resume besides the other paper that is sprinkled with professional chosen words and bullet points. Here are a few tips for job seekers to manage your social media: 

1.Google yourself

Have you ever tried to Google yourself and see what is your Internet presence? There is a high chance that your recruiter searches your name on the Internet to know more about you. Check out the search result as well as image result and make sure that the information is what you would like everyone to see. Consider these things:

  • Create a Google alert for your name: you will be notified by email every time your name shows up in a search result. 
  • Secure your personal information: making sure that your personal information including phone, address aren’t revealed unless you want to. 
  • What are the contents displayed about you? Are they positive and accurate? 

2.Don’t put everything on one account

If you want your profile to be professional, separate your personal account from the professional one. It’s our free will to say what we want on our social media, but it might not be appropriate if your boss/recruiter see some party pictures on your sites. Therefore, put your personal account in private and keep the other one remains publicly professional. Remember that this is your brand; you want to show off your qualifications and highlight the best side of you. 

3.Set up a strong profile on your professional account

Use the advantage of social media as your self-promotional tool; it’s the best way to display your career accolades and who you are in a career-oriented way. Here are a few tips

  • Your image: this is the first thing that the recruiter will look at. Therefore, upload a clean, professional image that shows off your friendly personality for that first positive impression.
  • Be careful with your posts: your words can say a lot about you, therefore, rethinking about what you post and comment on with an objective eye is essential. Regularly post industry-related contents or professional articles on your site to position yourself as someone who maintains a good knowledge of the field. 
  • Add a professional bio: an effective description that showcases your business traits and who you are.
  • Keep your account up to date: update your account frequently, this includes your new job position, new skills, new relevant events...

Overall, a positive online presence can bring a lot of benefits to your job search. Therefore, don’t forget to stay on top of your digital footprint!

Tips to manage your social media when job searching
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