Top Tech Tips to Improve your Work from Home Experience

16 May 2020 | 5 min read

Remote working has become more popular than ever due to the impact of Covid-19. Technology plays a huge role in making our jobs easier and productive. Here are a few tech tips that you can use to improve your work from home experience:

Slack makes collaborative projects easier for your team; all of your work communications are in one place. Slack can also connect over 2000 working apps like Google Drive and Office 365. All of your work tools are at your fingertips!

Want to have a virtual assistant? Install Google Calendar. With this platform, you can keep your daily holistic schedule and reminders on top of your mind. You can also respond directly to an event invitation and get immediate updates when there are changes. Slack also updates your status automatically when you are on a meeting or unavailable, so your co-workers know when to contact you. There is also a version of Google Calendar for Team Events, so all your team members can work together and make sure everyone is on track.

  • Zenware

You may not have heard about Zenware before, it;s basically an application program that can block all excess distractions (Toolbars, icons, email notification…) and only show what’s you need to focus on. This aims to put you in the ultra-productive cognitive state to achieve better focus and productivity. Ommwriter is an example of Zenware that you can try; you can also set different backgrounds or settings that work best for you.

Whether it’s a training video or presentation, Loom can make it easier for you. With Loom, you can capture, edit and share your videos instantly. Your viewers can also comment on your videos and for extra security, set a password for controlled viewing.

Having troubles brainstorming with your team on a project? Try this application (it’s free)! It’s a simple tool that allows your team to collaborate on a virtual corkboard in real-time. It’s great for brainstorming, sharing ideas or even playing games. 

Getting tired of finding a quiet place whenever you are in a virtual meeting? Try Krisp- the world best AI-powered noise cancelling technology that can adapt to your voice and improve over time. With this tool, you can speak and listen without noise; the background noise from you to another person will be removed and vice versa. Krisp can cancel anything from a barking dog, family noise and even a screaming child, so check them out.

Top Tech Tips to Improve your Work from Home Experience
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