Why Workplace Wellness is Important during Covid-19

6 Jun 2020 | 5 min read

The importance of workplace wellness has never been important with the impact of Covid-19. Here are the reasons why companies should implement wellness programs in their workplace: 

  • Increase Productivity

There is no doubt that a healthier person works more productively. A study has found that healthy employees worked 25% more effectively than others who aren’t. Therefore, wellness and productivity go hand in hand. When employees are healthy, they have higher energy levels and perform their tasks more efficiently. There will also be a positive effect of reducing sick days and absenteeism. 

  • Improve Employees Retention Rates and Improve Absenteeism 

According to research by Brigham Young University, absenteeism is 27% lower for employees who live and maintain healthy lifestyles. They are less likely to take day off work due to health issues. Workplace wellness programs can also positively improve employee retention rate, employees tend to feel more appreciated and valued if their companies provide supports for their mental and physical health. As a result, they feel more satisfied with their workplaces and develop loyalty towards the company.

  • Lower Health Care Costs 

The perks of healthy employees are fewer doctor visits and smarter health choices. This directly contributes to mitigating health care costs and less employee-related health care expenses. 

  • Build and Sustain Employee Morale

Wellness leads to higher employee morale and better corporate company culture. Check out our latest blog post for reasons why employee morale is important for succeed.

Why Workplace Wellness is Important during Covid-19
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