How to apply for a job through an email

4 Oct 2020 | 5 min read

Give Specifics:


You’re applying for a specific job. To you, it may be the one that’s front and center in your mind at this time. But the employer may be posting several different positions at once. They’ll probably receive a large number of application emails, not just yours.

So make it easy for them to sort the incoming emails by letting them know which job you want. In the Subject Line itself, concisely state the purpose of your email. Mention the job’s title or a reference number that you saw in the advertised posting. You could write something like “Job Application Enclosed: Claims Adjuster, reference....”

When applying for a job by email, double check the instructions in the job listing to make sure you’ve ticked all the right boxes. Is your resume file in the format? Do you need to include a separate cover letter and can the body of your email be your cover letter? Do you need to use a specific subject line?

Getting these small details right will help ensure your resume is looked at.

If there are no specific instructions about how to send your resume via email, stick to the following:

●        Keep it succinct – Introduce yourself, explain why you are writing the email, and outline the documents you have attached. Include a warm but professional sign-off expressing that you hope to hear from the recipient further.

●        Triple-check your message and documents – Run your email message, resume, cover letter, and any other documents through a spelling and grammar checker, and read over each piece to ensure it makes sense.

●        Use a professional email address – You might like to email your friends from, but for job applications, you should use a professional email address that contains all or part of your first and last name.

●        Send yourself a test message – Before you send to the employer, send yourself a test message with your documents to make sure the formatting is correct and that all the attachments open as they should.


●      Your email signature - It’s important to include an email signature at the bottom of your email so that employers can quickly and easily find your contact details. Include your full name, phone number and email address so they can see how to contact you at a glance. It should look something like this:

How to apply for a job through an email