How to Avoid Some Recruitment Problems

26 Feb 2021 | 5 min read

Lack of employee motivation, low performances, and high turnover rates are often rooted from poor employee selection. This is the reason why organizations are trying to find the best ways to avoid such slip-ups and ultimately find the best person for the job. Here are some tips to significantly help reduce the recruitment problems you are facing or will face and strengthen your keen selection skills to ensure optimum HR performance.

Hire internally.

Instead of spending a lot of time and resources interviewing external candidates, you should be developing people from within. Most often, an existing employee has what it takes to be successful in a different position where roles and responsibilities are more aligned with their true potential. This can give them the opportunity they crave to perform well at other challenging tasks and become a prospect for future development. Try asking current employees for referrals as an internal and reputable source for networking.

Utilize the power of social media.

Social media trends such as Facebook and LinkedIn are already becoming the go-to place for applicants to search for jobs, especially the younger generations. Make sure to hop on board this trend not only to attract more clients but to promote recruitment opportunities such as job fairs and listings. Your social media platforms can alleviate some recruitment problems as it can help the company expand their network system, detect the right cultural fit with job seekers, and make the process quicker and easily accessible. Companies can also save money by cutting back the costs on recruitment sites and services. Posting on social media can also create a ripple effect as people forward or tag others in the post and sets a viral spread into motion.

Remain objective.

It can be a common recruitment problem and sometimes we don’t realize it. An applicant’s outgoingness and approachable nature in the interview can have a positive effect on you and will have you thinking to yourself that they are a great person. On the other hand, a fellow recruiter can be in a complete disagreement with you and has a bad feeling about them. These could be driven by subjective biases which can cause one to hire someone based on exterior factors or feeling. Although utilizing your expertise and professional instincts is inevitable, recruitment should be rooted from some objective facts, nonetheless.

Assess based on their strengths.

Detecting someone’s true strengths can be more difficult than what you think especially those that are aligned with the job at hand. When people’s natural talents are associated with the tasks, responsibilities and work environment, recruitment problems diminish drastically because the organization is benefiting from their innate abilities. Techniques like personality & psychometric tests can be used in order to detect and build on these natural strengths, which can be less obvious in the interview process.

How to Avoid Some Recruitment Problems
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