How to Help Your Employees Grow and Develop

4 Mar 2021 | 5 min read

No matter what the circumstances and ability of your hires are, be it the best employee or those who are not so good, it is critical that you promote their growth for your organization’s success. Take an active role in the development of your team to demonstrate confidence and concern for the future of the organization. It will also give your employees feelings of significance, community, and value. By creating a culture in which employees can reach their goals and they know their thoughts and insights are appreciated, their productivity, morale, and engagement will be boosted too.

Don't push your hard workers too much.

As tempting as it is, you shouldn’t consistently pile the work on your good employee just because you know she'll do it and do it well. In the end, they will end up with no time to learn new skills and improve their relationships outside of work. Instead, carefully consider what assignments you give and make it clear when you assign tasks, you are there to help and that you realize this is a stretch job for her. Hard and capable workers thrive on this type of assignment.

Give them proper mentoring. 

Everyone needs a mentor—good and bad performers alike. With the help of a good mentor, they can either move to the next level or they can get up to speed with some clear guidance. Find someone who is in a similar role to the employee. Mentoring relationships can foster positive and productive working relationships, help employees learn and gain encouragement and support in their careers. With enough encouragement, your employees can help your business adapt to changes and reach the next level of success.

Reward their good performance.

One of the worst things you should never do to your employees is to ignore their successes. Chances are high that they’ll move on to a new job because that exit would leave you high and dry. Not praising them publicly or privately and not suggesting stretch assignments is the easiest way to put yourself in a disaster once they leave. It's also extra critical for poor performers that they see rewards for successes, no matter how small. They’ll start to grow and may soon become a valuable member of the team when they see what she's capable of doing well.

Show your employees that you trust them.

If you want to help employees develop, trust them to do their jobs by getting out of the way. Let them know what your expectations are by communicating the behavior you expect—show them you trust them. This not only lets employees know what they need to succeed and gives them greater ownership, but it also shows them that credibility and trust are important in your organization.

How to Help Your Employees Grow and Develop
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