How to maintain Good Relationships at Work

12 Sep 2019 | 3 min read

Workplace used to be a cycle of working for eight hours and go home to loved ones. But now, there are changes in our expectations of workplaces and we want a more meaningful environment. People who we work with is the most important part of creating meaningful workspace. Building strong relationships with co-workers is a great investment for a better working experience and career growth.

Here are 7 ways to maintain good relationships with co-workers. 

Have an effective communication

Communication is the most important part of every working relationship. The biggest mistake we make is assuming that others understand everything we say. Speak clearly but always ask them if they understand. Poor communication can cause stress and misunderstanding. The right way is to establish the best way to contact with your co-workers. Email is regarded as the most useful tool for professional communication. But others found instant messaging and phone calls better and quicker to clarify things.

Have clear expectations on work relationships

It is important to have a clear vision of what your job could provide you and what they expect from you. Having clarity in setting goals would motivate workers to complete their workloads. To do this, we have to acknowledge the working roles of each other: see what we can learn from them and at the same time, make sure we are also managing our role at work to help others. 

Treat others on the same level

Communicates others equally. Office politics can be stressful and stay out of it as much as possible. Don’t gossip or spread information that would end up as problems with each other. Being friendly or even being neutral can be the best policy to interact with co-workers.

Learn to give and ask for feedback 

Whatever job you are doing, everyone needs feedback on their work. It allows you to learn from your mistakes and improve in the future. Every criticism is valuable even the harsh ones. We also have to give constructive feedback to our co-workers and it will help them see the different perspectives for their work. Useful feedback fosters a positive relationship with co-workers. 

Take responsibility and Don’t play the Blame Game! 

Don't be afraid to make a mistake and be transparent about it. Take responsibility for your work and communicate with others openly so that they can help you find solutions. Think of the possible solutions for problems instead of worrying and blaming others. Don't be afraid to say what you don’t know so that you can learn from others.

Embrace the differences 

The workplace is where we meet people from different backgrounds and experiences. It is difficult to interpret what is appropriated for each co-worker. However, maintaining the professional courtesy to respect them for who they are, and their differences will help to create a meaningful relationship despite the differences

How to maintain Good Relationships at Work
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