Study Tips for Successful Online Classes

25 Feb 2021 | 5 min read

The success of online classes depends on creating structure around your study efforts. You need to be mentally engaged and putting in enough hours. Getting good learning results – each and every study session – is also important. These tips and strategies will help ensure a smooth and successful online class sessions.

Develop a study schedule.

Set aside a specific time every day in order to study well consistently. Establish a solid routine and a study schedule early in the course, you can try using a weekly planner. You want to make online study a habit. It needs to fit into your lifestyle, be sustainable over the long run, and provide enough study time each week. An individual course unit with an Australian university typically requires a minimum of 6 hours of quality study time a week. Refrain leaving coursework until deadlines arrive because it’s not smart or effective. Make sure to do some work each day, just as you would in traditional regular classes.

Find your inspiration and motivation.

On contrary as to what most students believe, online classes are designed to be equally as rigorous and demanding as traditional courses. You need to genuinely commit yourself to get through. Make sure to stay motivated even on the bad days. Keep reminding yourself of why you're doing it. Try placing a picture of what motivates you in your workspace to remind yourself of what you're working toward. Even on a session-by-session basis, you can use motivation tricks to get results. You could set a fixed period of time to study hard and complete a given amount of work. Then picture yourself in an hour's time having completed the task and enjoying a well-earned break.

Utilize the materials provided.

You should cover all the materials from your online instructors or at least as much as you can within your allotted study time. Avoid the frequent skipping of videos, animations, and ungraded self-assessment activities. These are meant to help you achieve course learning objectives. Even if something doesn’t have a grade attached, it offers supplemental learning and helps you prepare for exams. To you give yourself every possible advantage, spend time to explore what online resources are available.

Learn proactively and keep practicing.

To learn effectively, you must engage your mind. Learning happens when the neurons in your brain are firing off in a significant way about the subject. Try some tricks to get your mind into gear like rewriting notes in your own words for exam preparation, applying concepts such as solving problems and recalling information. Active learning requires attentiveness so try to study when you're most alert. Many students stress the value of finding a quiet time and place to study, free of distractions.

Enhance good online communication skills.

Doing online classes doesn’t give you the chance to have casual conversations with other students before class or catch the instructor after class. So, it's important to embrace online communication, which includes email and posting in student forums. Good communication helps clear up problems. It also helps keep you engaged and motivated. If you're polite and follow netiquette guidelines for students, there's also a good chance of making some online buddies.

Study Tips for Successful Online Classes
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